Family-Friendly Renovations

Renovating your home to accommodate a family better is a wise choice. Whether you have kids that like to run around or have a newborn on the way, changing a few things can help. Family-friendly renovations can give you peace of mind, ensuring you’re cutting down the risks of the household.


Here are a few areas of the house, typical problems, and how some renovations Perth can fix them.


Look at the kitchen. Is it too dark? Is the island angled awkwardly?


Reconfigure the layout, so it flows more smoothly. Find ways to add more lighting, which will improve your work in there as well as make it safer. While you’re at it, making the place more inviting can do wonders for your mood in there too.


Look at the family room. Is there enough space for a centre table? Is it comfortable?


Reorienting a few things can help. Adding a little lighting can contribute to giving it the feel of having more space, so you don’t necessarily need a centre table to anchor things. Better natural light also helps make the place cosier, more comfortable.


You can also look at any potential play areas to get an idea.


Is there any uneven ground? Discounting things like stairs and things like conversation pits, you should try and make the flooring as even as possible. This helps reduce tripping hazards, along with reducing the potential damage to the foundation if flooding happens.


Artificial turf can make the floor softer, too. If your kids are adventurous, try using fencing to confine them to safer areas.


Make your gardens safer. Put a fence around them.


Fencing can be used to improve the garden. You can create a little green oasis and use the walls as a framework. They can not only make things safer for your kids; you can keep your plants away from foraging animals that could ruin them.


Do you have a pool? Do the practical thing and put a fence around them. And teach them how to swim, while you’re at it. They need to learn, sooner or later.


Secure your windows. Do you know how many reports there are of children opening windows and falling? Too many.


Add child-proof locks or at least ones that children won’t be able to manipulate with ease. If you have an older window, you might want to replace them too. Some go so far as to install grills on windows, to keep a child from falling if they do open things.


Look at your bathroom, because changes can be made there.


Add showers instead of tubs. Tubs might seem tempting, but showers make for better long-term investments as children grow up. Keep the tub in the master bath, as a luxury rather than where kids go to clean themselves daily.


While you’re at it, having multi-function storage space in the bathroom can help. Teach the kids the value of organising things by making sure they know this part of the storage is theirs. Any older kids you have will appreciate this, too.


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