Non-Expensive Ways to Bond with Your Kids

With the state of the economy, many of us are finding it hard to cope with daily household expenses. Most parents have to take on several jobs to make certain that they have enough to raise their children. This leaves them with finances and lesser time to organize fun family getaways. However, this does not mean that it is alright to forgo family bonding sessions altogether.

There are inexpensive ways that can help nurture your bond as a family. To start, it would be best to spend at least one day of the week doing something fun and creative. Here are inexpensive ways that you can bond with your children.

Make a Family Quilt
Quilting is a fun process wherein you can make use of different types of cloth to create a stunning design. Have your children hunt up their old clothes with great patterns that they do not use anymore. Purchase your needles and thread at a fabric store. You may even check if the store sells inexpensive scrap cloth that you can incorporate in your design. Invest in child-safe scissors if you have younger children. If you are looking for exciting quilting patterns to use for your project, click here for a wide array of options. Remember to delegate sewing to older children, as the smaller ones may not be coordinated enough to complete the task.

Make Your Own Board Game
Most of us grew up in a time where Millionaire’s Game or Snakes and Ladders were the highlights of weekends. Make up your very own board game and write down the rules. You can create your project with inexpensive artboard and colouring materials. You may also use polymer clay to create your own tokens to make your board game even more unique. This is a great way to end a Saturday night bonding session.

Write a Story as a Family
Remember growing up to Choose Your Own Adventure books? You can create one as a group. Start with an overall storyline and let your children’s creativity loose by creating outlandish plots that you can giggle over. This will nourish your child’s artistic instincts as well as develop his or her grammar and spelling.

Bonding time does not require elaborate trips that you cannot afford. You can bond with your children right at home or at the park with these interesting and creative ideas. This is another way to teach your children how to live a frugal lifestyle when they get older.


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