Painting A Home For A Family



Let’s try a scenario.


You’ve just had a new home built. Structurally speaking, it’s beautiful. The interiors have enough for all your things, and there’s plenty of space to expand as your kids grow up. However, it’s a little bare. It hasn’t been painted yet because you’re not sure about those details yet.


Painting your home can easy or it can be hard. It tends to come down to how much control you want, and how many details you’re willing to let someone else decide. Another element could be how much work you are willing to do, instead of calling people to do house painting Perth.


Well, when it comes to painting a family home, here are a few ideas.


First, do you want to have a unifying colour scheme or not?


A single visual plan will make for a great unifying look. It also means you’re only considering one colour and variations of it. Having a single plan means decorating is easier because you’re reducing the visual elements you need to keep in mind.


On the other hand, if you paint everything with its own colours, you have more options. You can determine the specific feel of a room starting by the colour of the paint in it. For example, you could use cosier, more emotional colours in the bedroom but brighter ones for entertainment areas.


Once you’ve decided, then it comes down to picking what colour or colours you want. Resist the temptation to go with something trendy.


A simple fact of life is that painting can be costly and timing can be troublesome. Exteriors are best painted during summer because the extended daylight hours let more work get done. The heat also dries the paint faster. This can limit your timing options when you need to keep up with colour trends.


So the best choice is to go with something simple and suits your tastes. Neutral colours are pretty good, making things feel a little more earthy and calm. Bright shades aren’t bad choices as well, as long as they don’t clash too much with your décor.


If you decided to go with different colours per room, that’s a lot more choices. Red is a poor choice for any room where you don’t want people to be active, so no red bedrooms or living rooms. Green is a common selection because it’s a neutral colour. Yellow doesn’t do too bad, either.


You also need to stop and think about whether or not you want to hire someone else to handle the job.


It might seem cheaper to do it yourself, to buy the paints yourself. It might even be a fun activity for the whole family if you choose a type of paint that doesn’t have fumes.


However, painting a home can be a time-consuming process. The painting alone can take hours, and it can be days before the whole thing dries. You might not have the right gear to reach things like ceilings.  This makes it a challenge logistically, and not everyone wants that hassle.


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