Pediatric Orthotics

Using orthotics for children is a practice that has found no consensus among medical professionals. On the one hand, it might be useful in correcting development flaws. On the other hand, children are still developing, and corrective inserts might disrupt that.


Children might outgrow any concerns, so the need for inserts doesn’t exist. However, there is one area where inserts from reliable clinics like Dr.7 Physio&Pod would be a vast improvement. This is flat feet.


Flat feet are common in children and can become problematic because it doesn’t resolve itself as they grow. It can cause pain, but it can also cause people to walk funny or to trip more often than average.


A podiatrist can help determine if inserts to correct this would be a good idea.


Speaking as someone who had them, flat feet can be troubling. It’s not always painful, but it can be. The best solution isn’t to wait for a child to grow out of it. You need to get orthotic inserts that can provide the required support.


Flat feet usually have a low arch. In this case, you’ll want the insert to push up and provide support, giving better function and improving overall posture. You also reduce pronation. To get the most out of this, you’ll want to customise the inserts to your child’s feet.


Now, admittedly, the arch itself isn’t that big of a problem. It can be a concern as one grows older, but for a child, the real concern is the pronation.


Pronation can cause children to develop an abnormal gait. They may not notice any problems with their feet or walking, but other people would as time goes on. Pronation can also cause significant pain in the heels and knees. Prolonged walking may also lead to them having aching legs.


Some parents mistake these for growing pains. In some cases, that might be true, but it would be a good idea to consult with a podiatrist to make sure.


As with any orthotic inserts, you start out with a “generic” design. These are meant to see if the diagnosis is correct and if an insert will alleviate the problem. Once the generic has done its job, you can get a custom one, moulded specifically for your kid’s foot, made.


As noted, orthotics isn’t something most people agree on. As children grow, there is a good chance that they’ll lose any structural problems you see. However, there are some cases where pediatric orthotics are recommended.


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